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"Washroom Weapon" is a new generation pneumatic plunger. Innovative technology allows everyone to remove garbage and odors in the pipes. It has patented design and unique ways of use. Electronics integrated in this product make it possible for you to relax while fixing your plumbing issues. The product also offers a variety of caps and settings used for fixing a broad range of problems. Long story short it is:

  • - Turbo-charging
  • - Eco-friendly
  • - Efficient
  • - Keeps Everything Clean
  • - No more chemicals
  • - Highly Effective
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Product Features


New generation plunger fights clogs of any difficulty within a matter of seconds.


Set the pressure to 20~30 PSI


Recommended pressure is 30~40 PSI

Washroom Weapon

*Refer to the product manual for proper use.

Easy to Use

Instantly getting rid of the clogs inside the pipes with a powerful air pressure.


Pump the product up to 60~75 PSI


Estimated pressure is 40~85 PSI

How to Use it?

Washroom Weapon

For the first time people are now able to securely eliminate obstructions with ease and care. Perfect for family houses, restaurants, stores, hospitals, schools and other facilities.

All you have to do is:

  • 1) Just plug it in to prepare.
  • 2) Configure it to the right pressure.
  • 3) Put on the right cap.
  • 4) Set against the root of the problem.
  • 5) Depress the button.


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